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On 27, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

VideoShop App Commercial ‘New York’

The VideoShop Editor is available now in the app store and it’s already sold over 2 million copies!

Filming the VideoShop App commercial was an incredible experience. WrongBrain was able to produce original content in our favorite place in the whole world, New York City. Filming commercials in New York is always exciting and often unpredictable but, there’s no other place in the world a film maker can capture and produce such real and filmic images in one place.

We were ridiculously excited to film this commercial for VideoShop and our production took us across three boroughs and several days of filming. We captured ballerina’s, musicians, street performers and even a flock of doves…well pigeons.This production features the exciting music of up and coming singer Joey Diamond along with the always beautiful and ever precise dancing of Ballerina Katie Williams.

This visually driven commercial captures extraordinary scenes in New York and makes them extra exciting by using a high speed camera that captured images at 120fps.  We then used the videoshop app to slow down the actual footage to around 360-480fps.  Pretty awesome right? You’ll see this footage used in scenes from the New York Public Library, Washington Square Park, the South Street SeaPort and several others.

Principal photography of singer Joey Diamond was filmed on location at Mirrortone Studios in Hells Kitchen. Did you know the song Joey is singing in the commercial is actually a real song also recorded at Mirrortone? This dance track sure to make waves on youtube is being released this spring. What’s even more exciting about the song is how one portion of the track is used in a followup commercial for the VideoShop App.  To hear the track in action take a look here.

For more information on the videoshop app, you can visit the videoshop site directly and learn how to use all the incredible functions featured in the videoshop commercial.

On 27, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

Happy Burundi

Two Words: Dream Job.

This past summer WrongBrain director Sean Scanlin, traveled to the small east African country of Burundi to film the entire country dancing along to their rendition of ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams. This phenomena swept all over the world resulting in millions and millions of views for the dozens of Happy videos produced throughout the world.

Our version of Happy, however, had a deeper meaning.

This video was produced for the Akilah Institute For Women, which is the only all women’s college in Rwanda and Burundi. Akilah is unlike any other college in east Africa in it’s approach to a meaningful education that empowers young women with an immense skill set that’s applicable to their local and often world job market. This way women are not only earning jobs their starting careers. Producing this video was part of an awareness campaign that launched Akilah to the front pages of several newspapers throughout east Africa.

Being part of this amazing project and working with an innovative charity was truly a once in a lifetime experience that we wanted to make as memorable as possible.  In order to produce the highest quality video we pulled out all the stops.

The Beauty of Motion

If you pay close attention to the video you’ll see there is visual theme that goes beyond the dance moves, it’s the motion of the camera itself.  WrongBrain Director Sean Scanlin, wanted to have as much fluid motion throughout the video and so we brought in the services of talented cinematographer Jesse Brown of DigiRanch Media. Jesse brought along with him a complete steadi cam system along with a mini drone. With these items we were able to capture motion in ways that enhanced the video greatly. If you have a great steadicam operator like we had you’ll be able to float along with the subjects as if the camera too was a dancer.

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By Sean Scanlin

On 26, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

Legal Funding ‘Lawsuits Suck’ Animation

WrongBrain Films presents Animation

WB is proud to present Animation services as one of the many creative ways we produce content.  Director Sean Scanlin partnered up with the team at Legal Funding Central to create this clever tongue in cheek animation. So what is Legal Funding Central? It’s a brilliant service dedicated to helping thousands of Americans receive a fair settlement in lawsuits. Millions of Americans are cheated out of money they often deserve and we show you how to get the money you deserve.

When creating content or writing advertisements often the simplest way to tell a story is the best. For this reason we opted for animation. This way we wouldn’t have to torture a real human being the same way we were able to torture a nameless stick figure, though we affectionately came to call him Paul Manilla.

On 11, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

Masik Fragrances