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On 03, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

VideoShop ‘Music Video’

Tips On Making An Awesome Music Video

Ever dreamed of making a real music video? With the new VideoShop app you can do exactly that. For this commercial we kept it simple to show you just how effective an app along with one great performer and one amazing song can be.

With the videoshop app making a music video is easier than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re trying to create your very own original music video or perhaps you just want to copy your favorite pop star, with videoshop you can make a music video that looks and sounds great.

1. Recording or Selecting Your Song.

There are several ways to record or select your song. The easiest way is selecting the track from your phones music folder, however, what if you haven’t recorded a song yet? If you don’t have a professional recording studio like the one we used in New York City, you’ll want to get the best audio possible. Say you’ve created your music track in garageband, recording your vocals clear is vital. It mind sound crazy but if possible record your vocals in your closet, the clothes will provide enough sound dampening the same way a studio uses sound absorbing foam. Once you add your vocals to your music track you’re good to go.

2. Filming While Singing Along to Your Song.

If you sing along to the exact tract you’re using in your video then all your clips will be synced. This may seem the same as lip syncing along to a famous artists pop song however, to make it real you need to really sing along to your track, don’t lip sync.

3. Filming B Roll.

B Roll, is a general term for additional footage. For music videos you need tons of synced footage and tons of B roll. This can be any footage you want but try and keep a visual theme that’s relevant. Having these additional clips will add the variety needed to make a music video interesting.

4. Editing Your Music Video.

Once you’ve imported all your video clips to edit all you need to do is select your original song you’ve recorded and begin adding the video clips you films of yourself. You’ll be able to easily sync the footage to the recorded song because you sang along to it earlier. Your final step is to turn the volume of your individual video clips all the way down and now your clips sound perfect.

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 On a Boat or in a NYC Penthouse.

You want your video to look awesome right?

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