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On 27, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

VideoShop App Commercial ‘New York’

The VideoShop Editor is available now in the app store and it’s already sold over 2 million copies!

Filming the VideoShop App commercial was an incredible experience. WrongBrain was able to produce original content in our favorite place in the whole world, New York City. Filming commercials in New York is always exciting and often unpredictable but, there’s no other place in the world a film maker can capture and produce such real and filmic images in one place.

We were ridiculously excited to film this commercial for VideoShop and our production took us across three boroughs and several days of filming. We captured ballerina’s, musicians, street performers and even a flock of doves…well pigeons.This production features the exciting music of up and coming singer Joey Diamond along with the always beautiful and ever precise dancing of Ballerina Katie Williams.

This visually driven commercial captures extraordinary scenes in New York and makes them extra exciting by using a high speed camera that captured images at 120fps.  We then used the videoshop app to slow down the actual footage to around 360-480fps.  Pretty awesome right? You’ll see this footage used in scenes from the New York Public Library, Washington Square Park, the South Street SeaPort and several others.

Principal photography of singer Joey Diamond was filmed on location at Mirrortone Studios in Hells Kitchen. Did you know the song Joey is singing in the commercial is actually a real song also recorded at Mirrortone? This dance track sure to make waves on youtube is being released this spring. What’s even more exciting about the song is how one portion of the track is used in a followup commercial for the VideoShop App.  To hear the track in action take a look here.

For more information on the videoshop app, you can visit the videoshop site directly and learn how to use all the incredible functions featured in the videoshop commercial.

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