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By Sean Scanlin

On 26, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In | By Sean Scanlin

Legal Funding ‘Lawsuits Suck’ Animation

WrongBrain Films presents Animation

WB is proud to present Animation services as one of the many creative ways we produce content. ¬†Director Sean Scanlin partnered up with the team at Legal Funding Central to create this clever tongue in cheek animation. So what is Legal Funding Central? It’s a brilliant service dedicated to helping thousands of Americans receive a fair settlement in lawsuits. Millions of Americans are cheated out of money they often deserve and we show you how to get the money you deserve.

When creating content or writing advertisements often the simplest way to tell a story is the best. For this reason we opted for animation. This way we wouldn’t have to torture a real human being the same way we were able to torture a nameless stick figure, though we affectionately came to call him Paul Manilla.

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