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WrongBrain Films is a boutique film production company with backgrounds in comedy, commercials, and documentary work. We believe any film shoot is a business, just like running a small company where every dollar counts. We’re storytellers who understand that video content doesn’t have to be costly to be great. Ideas, talent, and execution doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Find “the funny” in truthful relationships and characters, not caricatures, create an emotional core, then raise the stakes. From premise to first draft to rewrites to camera roll, WrongBrain values, even reveres, the craft of writing yet find that in-the-moment truthful reactions and improvised lines are magic we can’t dismiss.

VideoShop ‘New York’

Down Dog ‘Blinders’

Happy Burundi

Legal Funding ‘Lawsuits Suck’

Masik Fragrances

Down Dog ‘Code of the Bro-Gi’

Dinner, Interrupted – Alamo Drafthouse

Chapfix ‘Hot For Teacher’

Chapfix ‘Too Confident’

VideoShop ‘Music’

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Other Posts

Welcome To Down Dog

27th January 2015 By Sean Scanlin

Down Dog is a “sketch-uational” comedy set inside the walls of Yogatown, a yoga and wellness center. The owner, Sven, a former venture capitalist back when he went by Steven, finds himself involved in the least-capitalist of businesses, a yoga studio. Struggling to control the chaos surrounding him, he often unintentionally adds to it. Sven’s half-baked ideas for how to make the studio more successful don’t always pan out and (spoiler alert) the owner of EuroYoga, Bhajan, is ready to steal away his customers.

Welcome to Down Dog. Don’t f*ck up our Chi, bro. The cosmos rely on it.

‘Happy’ Burundi by WrongBrain

3rd May 2014 By Sean Scanlin

This summer WrongBrain director Sean Scanlin, traveled to Burundi to film an entire country dancing along to their rendition of ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams. Directing Photography was Jesse Brown of Digi Ranch, also the Producer of YOGA POSERS.

Without a doubt Burundi is one of the most amazing countries in the world. After several days we traveled across the entire country and captured footage of places unknown to most Americans.

We Dream in Spandex

30th April 2014 By Sean Scanlin

Yogi’s of the world unite! WrongBrain just finished shooting our new web series YOGA POSERS.
So roll up those yoga mats and stop wasting money on kombucha, the real yoga action is taking place this May.

A look at the cast and crew of YOGA POSERS!